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Tomorrow I Will Hurt and I Will Rest 

Series of 9 postcards, various locations, 2021.

Featuring nine video stills from a previous performance, Glass Scratch, this project sought to reclaim my own image after video documentation was stolen and re-uploaded online without my consent. Combined with freewriting, the postcards chart the experience of Glass Scratch through imagining I was back in the performance, connecting each still with thoughts and feelings about what it felt like to perform.


The postcards were sent individually to the original audience members, and loved ones who influenced the piece (or my practice more generally), to reassert the performance as a meaningful expression of its themes by asking people to witness the pain it explored again, in a new format. These were later displayed as a complete collection during the exhibition A Thousand Normals at Tension Fine Art, in 2021.

Original video footage by Sal Morton.

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