Detritus: Live Art and Performance

An upcoming Live Art and performance event, at Tension Fine Art.

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Detritus is a one-day Live Art event featuring durational, interactive, momentary, and material-based artworks, that challenge what performance can and should be in gallery spaces.


Exploring a range of topics, each of the artists navigate the impermanence of performance and its materials. Starting with their materials on display, these will be destroyed, altered, and trashed as the performers enact their rituals and removals.

Hosted at Tension Fine Art, 135 Maple Road, London, SE20 8LP

Performance Portraits

Anna Dean, @annalilyart

Video art and drawings showing throughout the day

No Show

Sal Morton, @sal.morton

Outside, 1pm - 8pm, with breaks



Jennifer Martin, @jnnifr.m

1pm start, duration 2hrs approx.

Shedding Femme

other_kat, @other_kat

2pm start, duration 45mins approx. 

Live Drawing 

Indigo Ayling, @gentle_human

Documenting performances and audience between 2pm - 6pm, with breaks



Dani Surname, @danisurname 

3pm start, between 1-2hrs duration. 


Laura Bradley, @laura_bradley_

4pm start, between 1-2hrs duration. 


Mon nom était Diabetic

Rosie Vincent, @macbreath

5pm - 8pm

Indigo Ayling

Indigo Ayling is a queer multidisciplinary artist specialising in rapid expressive ink drawing. Building off their work as a disabled life model and figurative artist, Indigo is currently exploring the experience of being witnessed in act of witnessing another. They will be documenting the work of the other performers as well as the bodies of the audience throughout the day.

they/them, @gentle_human

Documenting performances and audience between 2pm - 6pm, with breaks

Laura Bradley

Laura Bradley creates work that links physical material to abstract sensations and experiences. She shapes her performance by relying on her own internal logic and lived experience of mental health, often experimenting with construction, play and ritual.

she/her, @laura_bradley_

Untitled, 4pm start, between 1-2hrs duration 

Anna Dean

Anna Dean is a performance artist. Femme gaze is the motive and material of her practice.

she/her, @annalilyart

Video art and drawings showing throughout the day

Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin’s work focuses on the use of material to evoke context. ‘Cleanse’ will be the second step in a three-part series following ‘Bathe.’ The material in Cleanse (rope, galvanised metal, wood and polyester) represent the beginnings of industry, and the action pertains to domestic labour. Jennifer’s work often focuses on the place of female-identifying people within society, and the dialectic that this position is in flux due to technological evolution.

she/her, @jnnifr.m

Cleanse, 1pm start, duration 2hrs approx.

Sal Morton

Sal Morton does not currently have a practice.

he/they, @sal.morton

No Show, outside, 1pm - 8pm, with breaks


As a nonbinary trans femme artist, kat focuses her work on the expression of transness in modern society through a diverse range of media. With a hyperfocus on personal experience, they lay themself bare in their work, documenting her own journey in snippets and flashes of emotion.

she/they, @other_kat

Shedding Femme, 2pm start, duration 45mins approx.

Dani Surname

Dani Surname is a multidisciplinary artist specialising in Live Art, Photography and Printmaking. Interrogating the contradictions of her queer, neurodivergent identity, Surname’s practice currently explores her Northern and femme identity, whilst challenging the reception of Live Art in gallery spaces. Detritus is Surname’s first foray into event management.

she/he/they, @danisurname

Gorgoneion, 3pm start, between 1-2hrs duration

Rosie Vincent

Rosie Vincent is interested in the urban body and the emotional and physical challenges it faces. In particular, Rosie likes to explore the difference between the public and private body. Rosie describes her practice as 'analogue' due to its use of non-digital forms such as personal objects, handmade props and her own remnants. Rosie aims to produce non-confrontational performances about unconventional subjects.

she/her, @macbreath

Mon nom était Diabetic, 5pm - 8pm.

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Organised and curated by Dani Surname.

Marketing imagery by Alex Firth.

Original image by Jamie Genovese.

Header image is of Rosie Vincent, by Dani Surname.