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Ink and satin fabric, 5 panels 2.6m by 1.5m each, Tension Fine Art, 2021.

Continuing my exploration into alternative forms of documenting and archiving live perfromace, Acolyte visually recontextualised my work through a theatrical aesthetic. Having studied performance art through experimental drama, and performed primarily in theatre or drama spaces, I am reverant towards Live Art's ties to theatre. After two years learning more about the experience and expectations of Live Art in gallery spaces, I wanted to reclaim and pay homage to the decadence, emotion, and mimesis of theatre, which has informed so much of my practice.

Working with five panels of high shimmer satin, I designed the curtains to hang in 'swags' similar to the shapes of red velvet curtains under procenium arches. Rather than cover the fabric in prints, as with Goldfish Curtains, I decided to print denser areas that narrowed into chains of single prints, similarly swooping across the fabric like the drooping curves.

Acolyte was installed as part of the exhibition A Thousand Normals at Tension Fine Art.

Images by Dani Surname and Jamie Genovese.

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