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Tell the Truth but Tell it Slant

Photography exhibition, Queen Mary University of London, July 2018.

In 2018 I collaborated with Alex Firth to curate an exhibition of my personal and commercial photography work. Featuring three collections, the exhibition addressed questions about liveness versus documentation, and ‘authenticity’ versus accuracy. 

The main collection showed 23 photographs addressing the themes of the exhibition most directly. These were hung from the ceiling in a scattered formation, so the order of the collection changed as viewers moved through the space. The second collection was 50 postcard prints from the series Ephemera, where I document performance and live art through it’s materials and debris. Viewers were invited to take these away, participating in a dispersed archive. The final collection was 9 small prints on the wall showing the work I was doing to combine performance and photography, which would later become my exploration with ‘action-to-camera’. 

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