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Crying Over Spilt Cream | The Rebrand

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

In just over two weeks I will be starting a Masters degree, where my intention is to deepen my practice as a multidisciplinary artist.

The shift into identifying as a multidisciplinary artist, rather than either a live artist or photographer, has come over the last year as I’ve become more excited by collaborative work and less excited by commercial work. Putting together the application for the MA cemented the importance of photography in my practice, but not particularly the work I was being paid to do.

Commercial work widened my horizons, allowed me to make contacts with other artists and exposed me to kinds of work I wouldn’t have photographed otherwise. I’m not completely giving up, just being selective as I prioritise my practice.

In that spirit I’m rebranding my online presence to focus on my practice, but also to provide space for reflection and play as I go back into education. The blog part of this website I intend to use as a motivator to document my practical and theoretical processes. From midway through my undergraduate degree to now I have used multiple forms of documentation, such as video, recordings, and traditional forms of art like painting and sculpture. The crossover between these forms is incredibly important to me and indicative of my work as a whole, so I like to be able to share this as I work on new projects.

The new website space is streamlined, showcasing my projects rather than prioritising documentary photography as before. Whenever I talk about my work to new people, the thing they always remember is the cream (and sometimes the washing-up liquid), so it seemed fitting to choose cream as the site’s motif, a symbol of the discomfort all of my work is about.

I went to enrolment a few days ago, taking home my student ID card on an official UAL lanyard. This feels like the beginning of a new chapter - a two-year long chapter of making work and being challenged.

Go hard or go home.

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Membro desconhecido
14 de set. de 2019

So proud of my eldest......Love you Loads Dani😊♥️😘

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